Threat actors have used the AVrecon botnet malware, which was initially reported by Lumen Black Lotus to have been compromising small office/home office routers, to support the SocksEscort malware proxy service, which allows renting of hacked devices for location concealment, The Hacker News reports. Such attribution was based on the connection between AVrecon's command-and-control servers and the SocksEscort proxy service, according to a report from KrebsOnSecurity and Shell spawning on compromised machines is also possible with AVrecon, which could result in malicious traffic obfuscation and additional malware retrieval. "While these bots are primarily being added to the SocksEscort proxy service, there was embedded functionality within the file to spawn a remote shell. This could allow the threat actor the ability to deploy additional modules, so we suggest that managed security providers attempt to investigate these devices in their networks, while home users should power-cycle their devices," said researchers.