Sysdig Inc., a startup firm that develops tools for container environment security, said its latest valuation reached $1.18 billion in the wake of a late-stage funding round that raised $188 million for the company, SiliconANGLE reports.

Sysdig’s flagship products are Sysdig Monitor, a cloud-native intelligence platform that offers a view of different network connections for each instance in a cluster, including traffic and bandwidth usage, thus enabling the management of large deployments of containers; and Sysdig Secure, which monitors data produced every time a system call is created in a container environment.

Sysdig CEO Suresh Vasudevan said the latest funding would be used on further advancements of such functions as container image scanning, runtime threat detection and incident response. He also said the company plans to develop its cloud security capabilities by “building on our CSPM foundation, expanding coverage across public clouds, and expanding on our unique ability to do real-time threat detection in public clouds.”