Antimatter announced its exit from stealth mode with $12 million raised in a Series A funding round, allowing the company to begin private beta for its service, which allows software-as-a-service firms to guarantee their customers' data security, TechCrunch reports. The company's offering provides SaaS firms with a cryptographic infrastructure through which they can verify compliance with governance, residency and tenancy requirements in their services. Antimatter's method provides security by placing customers' data in secure enclaves within Kubernetes, which users can show to provide hardware guarantees that the data is constantly encrypted whether at rest, during execution or in transit. "This gives SaaS vendors a way to prove that their customer data is secure -- secure to a higher standard than anyone has ever really aimed for before because the app could be malicious, the employees could be malicious, all these things could go wrong -- and the customer data would still be provably secure," said Antimatter's Chief Technology Officer Michael Andersen.