SiliconANGLE reports that VMware has added Sopra Steria AS, Ionos SE, Saudi Telecom Co., and the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates to the list of designated partners in its Sovereign Cloud initiative, which is a framework providing VMware customers around the world with information on trusted cloud providers that may fulfill their specific cloud security requirements. The company also announced the launch of new developer cloud services through those trusted partners. The services will be powered by VMware Tanzu, which offers a variety of tools allowing secure development, deployment and management of applications hosted in containers. Through Tanzu, VMware customers will be ably to perform application modernization tasks beyond the basic suite of services, including on-premises, developer-ready clouds; clouds hosted in partner data centers and hyperscaler cloud-hosted managed services. According to VMware, 14 organizations across countries including the US, the UK, Germany, Canada and Australia are currently part of the Sovereign Cloud initiative, providing access to the company's services to users in industries that carry strict regulations on data security and control.