Cloud storage provider Box Inc. announced several updates to its products enabling greater integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, which would enhance ease of access and content collaborations for users on those platforms, SiliconANGLE reports. Among the enhancements are activation of Box notifications within the Microsoft Teams platform. Future enhancements planned in the spring would bring deeper integration with Microsoft Teams, including the ability to create, access, share and edit Box files within Teams. Several security enhancements are also in the pipeline, including the ability to use Box Shield to import Microsoft Information Protection classification labels and enforce associated inline security controls, which is scheduled to launch in May. Meanwhile, an update that has already gone live relates to Intune App Protection Policies and allows opening and saving of copies of managed documents restricted to Box storage. Box for Microsoft Office Online has also received upgrades, including support for Excel files of up to 50 megabytes and PowerPoint files of up to 1 gigabyte, and an integration allowing users with FedRAMP Moderate or DOD IL4 requirements to be routed to their respective Microsoft Office 365 U.S. Government Community environment.