Data observability pipeline vendor Cribl has announced the launch on Oct. 18 of its new solution, LogStream Cloud, which enables data observability on a cloud platform while maintaining a balance between convenience and security, according to VentureBeat. The new tool lets users monitor the health of their organization’s data, as well as process, secure, and manage this data in real-time, from the cloud and without increasing their security risk. The solution is applicable to near limitless volumes of event data and can be used to secure even the most sensitive data, according to the company. “Historically, a lot of this data is very sensitive,” Cribl cofounder and CEO Clint Sharp said. “Organizations want to be able to process that data very close to where it’s originally being emitted.” LogStream Cloud essentially allows users to perform data processing in the cloud but employs cryptographically secured, zero trust tunnels to make sure that sensitive local data is protected, and might pave the way for the cloud becoming a viable channel in the field of data observability for enterprises, Sharp said.