Bleeping Computer reports that an ongoing issue blocking devices using Azure Virtual Desktops from downloading and installing new security updates through Windows Server Update Services is currently being investigated for a solution, which will be released in a future release, according to a Microsoft post on the Windows Health Dashboard.

"This is observed in the Settings app under the Windows Update setting, which will display the message 'You're up to date' even if no updates later than May 2021 have been installed," the post said.

The issue affects the Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, version 1909 client platform and the Windows Server multi-session, version 1909 platform.

Microsoft has released two workarounds for the problem while it addresses the issue. The first involves deploying up-to-date images on all affected devices, including all Azure Marketplace security updates. The second requires a download and manual installation on affected devices of the security updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog and can be used if image redeployment cannot be performed.

Microsoft has released a support document with detailed instructions on both workaround methods.