According to SearchSecurity, Microsoft announced during its Ignite 2021 virtual conference that it is replacing traditional username and password combinations for its Azure Active Directory with more secure and reliable authentication options like Temporary Access Pass, verifiable credentials and digital cards. The company introduced the passwordless security in an effort to adapt to security concerns brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and the SolarWinds supply chain attacks, said Joy Chik, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for its identity division. “As of today, passwordless authentication is generally available for cloud and hybrid environments. This is a big milestone for us in the industry,” Chik added. “Passwords are one of the most common attack vectors. It is easy to set up a passwordless account using Temporary Access Pass. This is a time limited password that allows the user to enter password authentication methods and recover access to their account without a password,” said Microsoft Senior Program Manager Inbar Kobrinsky.