The recent Global Security Insights report by VMWare Carbon Black found 80% of respondents saying that the volume of malicious attacks has increased since last year and is strongly linked to the rise in remote-working employees, Computer Weekly reports. In line with the rise in cloud-based attacks, which became the most-used channel according to the report, chief information security officers have greatly shifted their focus to cloud-first security measures, with 98% saying they have already implemented or are planning to implement one. Meanwhile, 61% of respondents said they have recognized the need to adopt a different view toward security because of the increased threat surface that the cloud created. “The race to adopt cloud technology since the start of the pandemic has created a once-in-a-generation chance for business leaders to rethink their approach to cyber security,” said Rick McElroy, principal cyber security strategist at VMware. The report found that 63% of respondents wanted to pre-empt attacks through increased visibility over apps and data, while 60% were wary of the threat of cyber attacks once they launch a new app to the market.