Taking a break from its recent takeovers of CEOs' Twitter and Quora accounts, the hacking group OurMine today turned its attention to Wikileaks, reportedly knocking its website offline with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

According to a report in TheNextWeb, OurMine targeted Wikileaks due to a long-running dispute with the Anonymous hacking network. Apparently, OurMine previously launched a DDoS attack to crash Wikileaks' servers in December 2015, and Anonymous did not take kindly to it. In retaliation, Anonymous doxxed OurMine, publishing online what may or may not have been its members' personal information.

OurMine reportedly contacted TheNextWeb, claiming that it hit Wikileaks a second time because an individual from Anonymous has continued to harass the hacking group since the doxxing took place. Wikileaks' website has already been restored.