Comparing global cyberspace ambitionsto the “Space Race” of the 1960s, Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ben Carson proposed a National Cyber Security Administration(NCSA) that would consolidate efforts to strengthen and defend America'sonline assets.

In a plan announced yesterday on the Carson campaign website, the retired neurosurgeon stated that if elected, he would establishthe NCSA to win the "Cyberspace Race" in much the same way the U.S. founded NASA to develop its spaceprogram.

Carson's plan didn't offer insightinto how such a program would be budgeted, although it claimed the NCSAwould streamline many “redundant programs, initiatives and offices whichoperate disjointed throughout the government.”

The proposed agency would beresponsible for, among other responsibilities: developing computer scienceeducation programs; creating a central repository of cybersecurity bestpractices; incentivizing intelligence sharing between the public and privatesector; and addressing privacy and civil liberties concerns.