NYMag.com was hit with a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that lasted about 12 hours and was executed by a man with a vendetta against all things New York, according to Quartz.

The attacker, called ThreatKing, launched the cyberassault Sunday night after the magazine released its cover story on the Bill Cosby rape allegations. He told The Daily Dot that his actions have nothing to do with the scandal but stem from his hatred of anything related to New York City after he fell victim to a prank while visiting the city two months ago.

ThreatKing claimed responsibility on Twitter under the now-suspended handle “@Vikingdom2016." Vikingdom is a hacking collective that launched a series of attacks on random government websites earlier this year. ThreatKing said the collective plans to attack more targets with “New York” in the name and wants to destroy the U.S.