Cybersecurity firm Securonix announced that it has enhanced its data analysis service through a partnership with Ahana Cloud, maker of the open-source SQL query engine Presto, which is currently being offered as a managed service on Amazon Web Services or as an open source solution. The integration leverages Presto's speed and scale in enabling real-time, large-volume data analysis for threat detection and management, according to SiliconANGLE. Ahana co-founder and Chief Product Officer Dipti Borkar said the partnership was driven by enterprises' growing need to process increasingly large amounts of data, which has been opening up opportunities for open-source technology providers like Ahana. Borkar also noted the ability of their product to be integrated into a company's IT system without hiring staff or spending weeks to adapt it also ties into the industry's shift to a managed service model. "We're moving from gigs to terabytes to petabytes and that's where the analytic stack is moving," Borkar said.