BleepingComputer reports that major U.S. multinational food distribution corporation Sysco has confirmed having been impacted by a data breach following a cyberattack in January, which may have compromised U.S. and Canada customer and supplier information, as well as U.S. employees' personal data. While Sysco's systems are believed to have been infiltrated since Jan. 14, the intrusion, which has led to the exfiltration of data involving the company's business operations, customers, and employee payroll, has only been discovered on March 5. "The investigation is ongoing, and Sysco has begun the process of preparing to comply with its obligations with respect to the extracted data," said Sysco in a 10-Q quarterly report filed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which also noted that its business operations and customer service were not affected by the incident. Aside from reassuring the absence of network threats, additional protections have also been implemented by Sysco to prevent future breaches.