Thousands of individuals have been impacted by separate data breaches at the Fertility Centers of Illinois and online pharmacy firm Ravkoo, ZDNet reports. FCI has already informed 79,943 former and current patients regarding the leak of their personal information, including their Social Security numbers, treatment data, payment card information, financial account data, passport numbers, prescription data, and Medicare/Medicaid identification information, as part of a breach detected last February, according to the HIPAA Journal. FCI joins Georgia-based Reproductive Biology Associates and affiliate My Egg Bank North America, as well as ReproSource among fertility clinics that have been breached last year. Meanwhile, online pharmacy Ravkoo reported sending breach notification letters to 105,000 individuals impacted by a hack of their cloud prescription portal in September that compromised patients' names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, medical data, and prescriptions. Ravkoo had "a hidden admin panel that every user can log in to and view all the data," which enabled an easier hacking process, said the attacker in September.