Russian patriotism has prompted threat actor Denfur to collaborate with another attacker IntelBroker in compromising DC Health Link, resulting in the exposure of sensitive data from 56,415 individuals, including two dozen Congress members and their families, reports CyberScoop. DC Health Link was allegedly breached through the use of "Google dorking," or the disclosure of otherwise private data through the combined utilization of Google search results and Shodan queries, said Denfur, who claims to be a Russian national, in an interview with Despite the lack of evidence to support the data exfiltration approach, Denfur's claims have been supported by Institute for Security and Technology Senior Director for Cyberthreat Research and Analysis Silas Cutler. While the complete dataset stolen from DC Health Link was offered for sale on BreachForums, which recently had its operator arrested, Denfur noted that not all stolen data has been exposed and dismissed any law enforcement operations. "If anything, Im more worried about my country trying to do a favor for the U.S. and myself or group becoming a sort of bargaining chip. The current time brings uncertainty," said Denfur.