Organizations have been facing difficulties in managing endpoint devices, with 48% of devices on average either being undetected by their IT departments or having outdated operating systems, according to TechRepublic. Lacking endpoint visibility has been cited to be the greatest hindrance to a strong security posture, an Adaptiva and Ponemon Institute report found. Moreover, maintaining new OS and application versions was noted to be the most difficult task for security teams, followed by patches and security updates, and network settings and connectivity concerns. Meanwhile, 66% of respondents reported having inadequate resources for endpoint risk mitigation. Endpoint management tools leveraged by organizations are not fit "for todays distributed, decentralized and digital-first world," said Adaptiva founder and CEO Deepak Kumar. "IT needs tools that provide organizations with total and complete visibility over their endpoints, with real-time and continuous delivery of content to keep them healthy, patched, and secure. This wont be achieved by the dominant endpoint management solutions in the market today, which still rely on bloated centralized infrastructure, in the cloud and on-prem," Kumar added.