The Lemongrass 2021 Legacy-to-Cloud survey found a continued migration of legacy systems onto a cloud infrastructure, with 77% of IT leaders stating their primary reasons for doing so as either ensuring data security, maintaining data access or achieving cost-savings, according to TechRepublic. IT management systems were the most likely targets of cloud migration among legacy applications, according to 78% of respondents, followed by security for 46% of respondents and e-commerce for 39%. Regarding challenges faced during cloud migration, 59% of IT leaders identified security and compliance as the greatest hurdle, while 43% cited the length of time it took, 38% pointed to excessive costs and 33% said they lacked in-house skills, the survey found. Once legacy systems have been moved to a cloud infrastructure, the greatest challenge became the difficulty in training end-users, as said by 42% of respondents, followed by security issues that were not resolved adequately, cloud platforms that did not live up to expectations and a lack of in-house skills.