Tens of security flaws in different Apple OS versions, including two exploited vulnerabilities in macOS Big Sur and Catalina, have been addressed by Apple in security patches released on Monday, according to SecurityWeek. Users of devices running on macOS Big Sur and Catalina have been the last to receive patches for the exploited flaws, tracked as CVE-2022-22674 and CVE-2022-22675, which have already been addressed in macOS Monterey, iOS, and iPadOS in March. Attackers could leverage the CVE-2022-22674 to enable kernel memory disclosure, while CVE-2022-22675 could be used for code execution with kernel privileges. Numerous other Big Sur and Catalina vulnerabilities resulting in privilege escalation, memory leak, denial-of-service, and Gatekeeper check evasion, were also fixed. Meanwhile, software updates have also been issued by Apple for tens of security flaws in macOS Monterey, iOS, and iPadOS. Apple emphasized that the bugs have not yet been publicly exploited. Moreover, more than 20 security issues were also fixed in the latest tvOS and watchOS updates.