A class action lawsuit has been filed by three Jeep owners against Fiat Chrysler America (FCA) and Harman International in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois over a security flaw found in Harman's uConnect infotainment system.

The owners' claimed the uConnect radio makes the vehicles vulnerable to malicious computer hacks, endangering the passengers and lowering the vehicle's value.

“A vehicle purchased, leased, or retained under the reasonable assumption that it is safe is worth more than a vehicle known to be subject to the unreasonable risk of catastrophic accident because of defect,” the complaint stated.

Other issues included the methodology being used by FCA to fix the defect and the vehicle's USB port could give a hacker access to the vehicle's software.

No specific amount of damages was requested.

Neither FCA and Harman returned requests for comment on the suit.