Software observability platform developer Honeycomb announced that a recent funding round has allowed it to raise $50 million, VentureBeat reports. Honeycomb’s offering allows developers and site reliability engineers to get a deeper look into their application, which is quickly becoming an important feature as the rapid migration of enterprises to the cloud and microservices-based architectures leads to faster software development cycles along with greater complexities, which increases the risk for undiscovered bugs in the application. “Traditional monitoring and [application performance monitoring] approaches were built for simpler, monolithic architectures, and they aren’t built to collect the large volumes of data and provide the exploratory analytical capabilities required to quickly understand how code behaves in the hands of real customers,” said Honeycomb CEO and cofounder Christine Yen. “High-performance engineering teams use Honeycomb to quickly understand, debug, and optimize the performance of their code in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments. The result is better uptime, higher-quality and faster user experiences, and more engineering time spent on innovation.”