Boston-based privacy startup Cloaked has landed $25 million in an early-stage investment round, reports TechCrunch.

Individuals could leverage Cloaked, which is available as a browser extension and an app, to establish unique emails, passwords, phone numbers, and credit card numbers for every online service. The service also includes smart settings that allow people to decide not only the person whom they want to share the data with, but also the type, date, and location of the information they will be sharing. Compromised email addresses and phone numbers could also be snoozed, expired, and automatically updated. Moreover, users will be given the opportunity to auto-forward messages to their personal emails and phone numbers. Cloaked has also emphasized that users' personal data remains private as all users have their dedicated encrypted database. "People liked this idea of feeling known, but not surveilled. We really want to rebuild people’s relationship with not just their data, but technology as a whole," said Cloaked co-founder Abhijay Bhatnagar.