TechCrunch reports that Washington-based cybersecurity startup GreyNoise Intelligence has secured a $15 million investment from a Series A funding round, which will be allocated toward strengthening its threat intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Organizations leveraging GreyNoise's internet threat alert spam filter offering, which utilizes a network of 5,000 passive sensors worldwide to sift through benign security alerts, have experienced 25% fewer security alerts, according to GreyNoise founder and CEO Andrew Morris.

While significantly increased data collection initiatives are in the cards for GreyNoise, Morris noted that there are no plans to immediately expand its workforce following the investment round led by Radian Capital.

"We don’t have to scale back super hard like a lot of other companies are afraid that they have to. A big part of our game plan is to sit around and wait for fantastic talent to become available from either buying, laid off from other companies or from resigning," added Morris.