Google has announced that Google Cloud will be receiving a number of new features to enhance the platform's security and analytics capabilities, according to SiliconANGLE. The cybersecurity updates include enabling scanning for security flaws within code written in the Go programming language and for vulnerabilities in Java code files processed using Maven, both of which may be performed using Googles Container Scanning API service. Meanwhile, the Cloud Firewall service is receiving a Tags feature that enables easier application of cybersecurity rules to cloud resources as well as the new Network Firewall Policies feature, which allows administrators to better manage their cloud environments firewall configuration settings. Also among the slated improvements is the addition of Analytics Hub to Googles BigQuery managed data warehouse, which would enable users of BigQuery to peruse business data that is shared between organizations via a centralized library. In addition, Google has installed a pre-packaged software workflow to the Pub/Sub service, which enables customers to load data from their external systems into BigQuery without requiring as much custom code as in the past.