It hasn't been officially released yet, but an iOS hacker has already demonstrated how to jailbreak Apple's new iOS 9 system.

The hacker, iH8snow, posted a YouTube video Thursday night showing off his process on a modified iPhone 6. The phone was running a GM build of the new software, as iOS 9 won't be released publicly until Wednesday.

iH8Snow confirmed to 9to5Mac that the jailbreak will work on iOS 9.1 beta, as well, and although it's “dirty and hacky,” the jailbreak is a “proper” one. He also said his jailbreak software wouldn't be published, although others might release something similar.

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Apple premiered its new line of products earlier this week during its annual release event. The company said in a press release that iOS 9 will make devices more “intelligent and proactive.” Siri will be improved, too, “all while protecting users' privacy.”