Despite growing operational technology security awareness amid increasing cybersecurity threats, 40% of industrial organizations reported a lack of compatibility between their security and automation systems, SecurityWeek reports. Moreover, 38% said they experienced one or more events involving cybersecurity product interruptions that resulted in operational disruptions, with 30% turning off their systems in the event of such disruptions, a Kaspersky study showed. On the other hand, 65% chose to adopt production or automation modifications in order to avert conflicts. Researchers also found that the inability to apply OT upgrades has resulted in OT and security system compatibility concerns. "[B]oth general purpose and ultra-specialized computer-based automation systems should be equipped with the following security subsystems and tools and processes: a vendor-approved, holistic and centrally managed protection system; permanent vulnerability monitoring and compliance scanning; network intrusion and anomaly detection; and update, patch management and version control," said Kaspersky Indusrtrial CyberSecurity Business Development Manager Kirill Naboyshchikov.