Instagram finally will join the ranks of other social media companies and offer two-factor authentication to bolster security.

The photo-sharing giant, which boasts more than 400 million users, told TechCrunch that users would be able to verify a phone number to which the company would text an authentication code if someone tried to sign into a user's account via his/her email and password.  

A report on TechCrunch cited blogger Wolf Millionaire who wrote that an initial version of the Instagram two-factor authentication feature had a bug “that resulted in me being locked out of my account using the Instagram App (ios & Android tested) and the Two Factor code being generated (on the account I enabled it on) is telling me Invalid Parameter.”

Instagram is a prime target for bad actors. In January, Symantec reported that cyberscammers are using fake Instagram profiles to lure users to adult sites in order to earn money through affiliate programs.