Rackspace Technology and Google Cloud reported the findings of a new survey of IT leaders showing that infrastructure spread is currently in a state of equilibrium that is expected to last from three to five years into the future, as public cloud, managed hosting services and colocation have assumed the load of over two-thirds of compute for corporate data centers, according to VentureBeat. According to the poll of more than 1,400 respondents, 51% have completed the cloud migration of all applicable infrastructure, 49% intend to transfer as much of their workloads to the cloud and none foresee all their on-premises infrastructure to remain indefinitely. Over 50% of IT leaders said they are looking to increase spending on all hosting types save for colocation, while 20% to 25% said they may decrease their IT infrastructure investments in the future. The top three concerns named by respondents, especially for those that use the public cloud, are security at 53%, data privacy at 47% and control at 41%, according to the survey.