Looks like hurricanes, gators and massive flooding aren't the only woes that Louisianians must grapple with – now a hacker has put drivers' license and other personal information on 290,000 of the bayou state's citizens for sale on the dark web.

The hacker who goes by the name “NSA” claims to have pilfered the data after hacking into the networks of several Louisiana organizations. The dataset, which includes names, driving offenses, fines, birthdates, license numbers, emails and addresses is for sale on The Real Deal marketplace, according to a report by Softpedia.

"Sometimes MiddleName is NULL along with PhoneNumber and EmailAddress because whoever entered this data is a lazy [expletive] and should be fired," Softpedia quotes NSA as posting in an ad on the forum.

"Disregard the price on this listing. Make me an offer that you and I can both agree to and I'll create a private listing that you can use to purchase this database," the ad reportedly says. "Don't bother contacting me if you're going to hit me with lowball offers."