Here's another reason to quit smoking. E-cigarettes made in China are being used to distribute malware via a USB hookup to users' computers, according to a blog post by a Bit4Id security expert.

The chargers of the e-cigs reportedly are hard-coded with malware, a discovery made after the system of an executive who had recently quit smoking was infected. 

The post, which cited a detailed account from a Reddit user, said the system was protected by security measures such as AV and was current on software updates and patches. But the executive had purchased an e-cigarette on eBay for $5 and charged it through the USB on his system. 

Bit4Id Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Pierluigi Paganini, pointing to reports of badUSB, noted in the blog post that while he had no confirmation of the story's veracity, “I consider that attack scenario plausible.”