If Zeus was the king of banking trojans, then newcomer Scylex is looking to claim Zeus' old perch atop the Mt. Olympus of financial malware.

In a recent blog post, Heimdal Security reported evidence of cybercriminals marketing Scylex on the dark web, promising a bevy of malicious features whose impact would rival the worst of the worst, including Zeus, Zeus Gameover, SpyEye and Citadel.

According to Heimdel, the financial crime kit hasn't been found in the wild yet. But it is apparently written from scratch, doesn't require administrator privileges to execute attacks, and costs $7,500 for basic features such as a user-mode rootkit, a form-grabber, web injects and a SOCKS5 reverse proxy with backconnect capabilities. A premium version of the malware even includes a Hidden Virtual Network Computing module. The developers promise even more capabilities in the future, including a DDoS module.