Oregon's ORESTAR state campaign finance reporting system may have been compromised just a week prior to the state's primary election after a ransomware attack against campaign finance firm C&E Systems' web hosting provider Opus Interactive, according to the Associated Press. Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan insisted that the attack has not compromised her office. "No sensitive data on our systems has been exposed. No systems related to elections administration have been compromised," said Fagan's office. However, the attack did impact C&E's database, including ORESTAR account login credentials of 1,100 users, all of whom have already been urged to perform password resets. Meanwhile, C&E Systems Owner Jef Green noted that the attack will not hamper the election. "This isnt going to affect any of our clients as far as the reporting (of campaign spending and contributions). None of the candidates are going to be affected by this because, even though we dont have access to our fancy database to make it easy for us, we can still do everything that needs to be done manually," Green said.