Operational outages have been experienced by 86% of healthcare organizations impacted by ransomware attacks, reports HealthITSecurity. Twenty-five percent of the 57% of health organizations hit by ransomware during the past three years reported needing to stop operations, while 60% noted that certain business processes have been totally disrupted by ransomware, according to a Trend Micro report. The findings also showed that sensitive data leaks were experienced by three-fifths of respondents. Forty-three percent of respondents cited supply chain partners as the reason for being targeted in attacks, while another 43% noted that inadequate ransomware attack chain visibility has increased their vulnerability to attacks. Trend Micro Technical Director Bharat Mistry emphasized the adverse effect of ransomware attacks on patient safety. "Operational outages put patient lives at risk. We can't rely on the bad guys to change their ways, so healthcare organizations need to get better at detection and response and share the appropriate intelligence with partners to secure their supply chains," said Mistry.