Russian authorities have ramped up efforts to disassemble a cybercrime group using Tyupkin ATM malware previously found active on more than 50 machines throughout Eastern Europe.

SC Magazine UK writer Eugene Gerden reported Monday that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service (FSB) joined forces with hopes of locating the criminals. A Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesman told Gerden that most of the ATM attacks were successful due the widespread use of Microsoft XP in machines, combined with the capabilities of Tyupkin variants, which include skimming, the ability to save PIN-codes and read data from card magnetic stripes. 

In October, Kaspersky found that Tyupkin had spread from Europe to ATM machines in the U.S., India, China and other countries. Kaspersky's investigation revealed that the malware was used to empty cash machines, resulting in the theft of millions of dollars.