After a series of successful DDoS attacks that took place in just one year, a Rutgers University student has started a campaign on demanding the college refund a tuition increase that was implemented to pay for improved internet security at the school.

In August Rutgers announced it would spend up to $3 million to hire several security firms to bolster its cyber defenses and planned to pay for this via a tuition hike. In September Rutgers was again hit with a DDoS attack that brought down the school's Wi-Fi and internet connections. This final attack spurred student Riccardo Mui to launch the Rutgers CyberDefence Budget Return campaign on

“Instead of tackling the suspected cause of the DDoS attacks known as the individual or group ExFocus, Rutgers' computer network upgrade has once again failed against similar attacks, yet again crippling the network infrastructure,” Mui said on

Rutgers University has not responded to's request to comment on the campaign.