New security vulnerabilities discovered last year reached 24,096, which was 25% higher than in 2021 and the largest growth since 2017, indicating the accelerated increase in security flaw prevalence, according to SiliconAngle. Medium or high-severity bugs accounted for most of the vulnerabilities identified last year, while critical bugs were only 16% of the discovered flaws, a report from Skybox Security showed. The findings should prompt organizations to consider vulnerability exposure and exploitability, as well as the importance of its assets and possible impact on their businesses in evaluating the risk brought upon by security flaws, said Skybox, which recommended the implementation of continuous exposure management. "2022 was a record-setting year for vulnerabilities, indicating that attacks are escalating in both speed and impact. Given the overwhelming number of vulnerabilities, cybersecurity teams need to transition away from reactive methods and embrace continuous exposure management," said Skybox Research Lab Threat Intelligence Analyst Ran Abramson.