A survey by Beyond Identity found that over 80% of cloud professionals regard their password-based security measures as effective despite frequent reports of threat actors exploiting insecure password practices, according to TechRadar. Over 30% of respondents stated that they were very confident in their password security, according to the survey, which cited prior research showing that 80% of cybersecurity breaches are made possible by compromised user identities. The survey also found that many cloud professionals have complaints about hygiene requirements for password-based security strategies, specifically citing the need to remember multiple passwords, regularly change them and to formulate long and complex strings as their top frustrations. Regarding phishing activities, which are considered a major vulnerability for passwords, over 30% of cloud professionals reported as having flagged one to three phishing emails, while 18% said they had flagged between four and six and over 25% claimed to have flagged at least seven.