Zscaler reports on the findings of a new survey, which showed that 90% of companies that are moving to the cloud are accompanying the migration with the adoption of a zero-trust strategy, according to VentureBeat. However, the groups The State of Zero Trust Transformation 2023 Reportalso found that only 22% of enterprises believe they will successfully transform their business using the many capabilities of the cloud. According to 68% of IT and security leaders who responded to the survey, legacy network security infrastructure such as virtual private networks and firewalls are severely hindering their ability to migrate to a secure cloud environment. According to the survey, 65% of IT leaders said their primary goal in adopting zero-trust is to enable them to protect their data and to better detect web application attacks and other advanced threats. The surveys findings indicate that enterprises are tackling the question of defining and employing a zero-trust network access framework as a business concern as much as they are viewing it as a security matter, and many are starting the process by establishing a stable multi-cloud infrastructure, according to Zscaler.