Global enterprise spending for endpoint protection is poised to expand to $26.4 billion by 2025, indicating increased endpoint security prioritization among enterprises, according to VentureBeat.

This year will see accelerated zero trust security contributions to endpoint security, with an Ericom survey earlier last year 80% of organizations having zero trust security adoption plans in less than a year. Chief information security officers are also expected to leverage Unified Endpoint Management systems in efforts to consolidate their endpoint systems.

Meanwhile, self-healing endpoint platform implementations are poised to accelerate as organizations look to bolster endpoint security resilience and persistence to enable increased control and visibility. Financial services, manufacturing, health care, and insurance CISOs have already cited self-healing endpoints as a key priority this year.

Endpoint management will be further advanced by artificial intelligence, firmware-embedded technologies, and behavioral analytics. More enterprises are also expected to rely on machine learning and AI in combating increasingly sophisticated ransomware threats.