Three New Mexico teens were indicted after instigating a cyber attack against the Enfamil baby formula website from their school computer. They're facing felony charges of computer abuse and conspiracy, according to the Albuquerque Journal.     

After being contacted by the U.S. Secret Service and the FBI,  Rio Rancho Public Schools launched an investigation last month and identified the suspects rather than face repercussions.

According to the Journal, Sylvain Jones, 16, Sergio Velasquez, 15, and Joshua Van Gilder, 17, were in their robotics class when they decided to post several vulgar messages in an Enfamil live chat session over a few days. The company eventually blocked the trio's access. In retaliation the teens used a personal device to invite members of the hacker website “Raid Time” to bombard the site with messages in an attempt to overload it.