The first jailbreak for iOS 7 – known as ‘evasi0n7' – has been released for Apple mobiles running all versions of the popular operating system, but those seeking to take advantage should do so with caution.

Early iOS 7 jailbreakers are encouraged to backup their devices, disable lock passcodes and avoid all iOS and iTunes tasks during the jailbreaking process, according to the evasi0n website, which warns that over-the-air updates of iOS 7 may brick mobiles and that many Cydia tweaks are not compatible with iOS 7.

“(In particular, I will point out that the build of “Cydia” included is not official, and couldn't really include the fixes I'd been making.),” Cydia creator Jay Freeman, known as ‘saurik,' posted on Twitter. Cydia allows users to find software on jailbroken iOS devices.