The Tencent Keen Security Lab Team of white hat hackers took home a $215,000 prize from for winning the 2016 Trend Micro Mobile Pwn2Own contest for successfully breaking into an iPhone 6S and Google Nexus 6P.

The team, which hails from China won points for installing a rogue app into the Nexus phone and then took another step toward the championship for successfully combining two different Android bugs to leverage other, undisclosed, weakness in the operating system on three separate occasions.

The team then earned partial credit for installing a bug on an iPhone 6S, however, while the bug did install it did not persist after reboot, but the judges were impressed with the attempt and the fact it revealed several bugs that need to be patched. Finally, they combined a use-after-free bug in the renderer and a memory corruption bug in the sandbox to steal a photo from the phone.

In addition to the monetary awared, Tencent Keen Security Lab Team was named Master of Pwn by Trend Micro for winning the event.