Hawaiian Telcom's  24-hour network operations center.
Hawaiian Telcom's 24-hour network operations center.

When Hawaiian Telcom launched Managed Network and Security Services in 2010, the IT staff at the Honolulu-based telecommunications company quickly realized it needed a security management platform that could support the implementation effectively in monitoring and maintaining network security for its business customers. 

Hawaiian Telcom employs more than 1,300 technology, communications and customer service professionals, with 16 dedicated to managed services and 24 making up the IT staff.

"As security emerged as an area of concern for our business customers, our costs began to increase due to the variety of security solutions required to meet their needs," says Matt Freeman, senior manager, managed security services at Hawaiian Telcom.

As his team assessed the department's inventory, they realized that using a variety of security tools to provide these services to customers within a multi-tenant environment would become unwieldy for the security service team to manage. "Our goal was to find a more comprehensive platform that offered unified security capabilities to streamline management and reduce costs," Freeman says. 

Freeman (left) began the process of reviewing and deciding on the solutions necessary to address this problem. After a look at several options from a number of vendors, he and his team determined that AlienVault's USM platform could accelerate detection and response capabilities, reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies for the security team.

"We had more control over each deployment and did not end up with just a black box that collects and stores logs," he says. "AlienVault's USM tied three core components into a single system: network/host IDS, vulnerability scanning and log management.

Hawaiian Telcom deployed using the AlienVault MSSP federated deployment model, meaning that each network it protects has a standalone AlienVault system dedicated to its security. "Network events are correlated onsite and only alarms are forwarded to us," Freeman says. Deployment is typically fast and easy, resulting in cost savings through reduced labor, he adds.

AlienVault's USM platform wraps all critical security capabilities into a single platform that is easy to use and backed by dedicated customer support, Freeman says. "Our services are kept up-to-date based on the work of AlienVault Labs, which actively tracks millions of threats and delivers the latest intelligence directly into our USM platform approximately every 30 minutes."

How it works

"AlienVault Unified Security Management is an all-in-one platform that gives customers full security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities and other essential security tools – such as continuous threat monitoring, asset discovery, behavioral monitoring, vulnerability assessment, managed firewalls and intrusion detection," says Jake Mosher, senior product marketing manager at AlienVault. 

The goal, says Mosher, is to provide customers with a unified threat detection and compliance management solution that is easy to use and affordable. "We've built all essential security capabilities into one Unified Security Management platform, which is powered by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence from AlienVault Labs and our Open Threat Exchange – the world's first truly open threat intelligence community that enables collaborative defense with actionable community-powered threat data," Mosher says.

The tool enables customers to protect sensitive data that is affected by HIPAA, PCI and other regulations. As an example, Freeman says AlienVault USM's log management capabilities lets customers see exactly who is logging into their systems, what they were doing and how they got in, which meets PCI requirements.