Apiiro’s Integrated Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) + Software Supply Chain Security (SSCS) Solution

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

With the complexity of modern applications and their reliance on third-party components, protecting our software supply chains is paramount. But without a holistic way to connect and contextualize risks within CI/CD pipelines and source control managers, siloed software supply chain security (SSCS) solutions can end up creating more noise than AppSec and development teams can handle. 

To help AppSec teams take an interconnected approach to SSCS, Apiiro's ASPM platform natively secures repositories and pipelines. Apiiro goes beyond simply detecting supply chain risks, connecting them with other AppSec weaknesses to uncover toxic combinations that siloed solutions miss, and helping teams focus on the risks that matter most. 

In this 30-minute drill down webcast, attendees will learn how Apiiro's SSCS: 

  • Is integrated directly into its ASPM platform, connecting risks across supply chain and application components. 
  • Provides comprehensive visibility across SCM. repositories and CI/CD pipelines, surfacing important highlights like commit activity and dependencies. 
  • Provides a single control plane for assessing and addressing abnormal commit activity, new pipelines, and other supply chain risks.
  • And more!


Payton O’Neal
Director of Marketing

With nearly 10 years in AppSec, cloud security, DevSecOps, and DevOps, Payton has helped several start-ups and enterprise organizations bring disruptive products to market to solve real customer and market challenges. As Director of Marketing at Apiiro, Payton spends her time reading, writing, and talking about the evolution of application security and elevating the visionaries that are paving the way.

Neta Coral
Product Manager

Neta, a seasoned product manager, boasts over a decade of expertise in the cybersecurity sector. An alumna of the esteemed IDF 8200 unit, she further solidified her knowledge with an MBA from Reichman University. Having successfully led product teams across various organizations, Neta now channels her wealth of experience as a dedicated Product Manager at Apiiro. Her passion drives the development of cutting-edge solutions, ensuring they seamlessly align with the dynamic requirements of the application security landscape.