Cybercrime Marketplaces: The ubiquity of bad bot traffic and how to fight back

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

The cybercrime economy is thriving, driven by financially motivated bad actors who have established lucrative “dark” businesses in the light of day. Bad actors prioritize efficiency to maximize their illicit earnings, using bots for everything from buying up coveted concert tickets to draining bank accounts to even more sinister endeavors to human trafficking. Bad bot attacks increased 167%, according to recent research conducted by Arkose Labs. This traffic, coupled with the shift to human fraud farms when bots are blocked, has created a massive problem that threatens digital businesses and the safety of online consumers.

The activities of Storm-1152 illustrate the role malicious bots play and the influence of cybercrime marketplaces. Arkose Labs helped Microsoft disrupt the activities of Storm-1152 after the group bilked enterprises and consumers globally out of millions of dollars. 

This SC Panelcast will unpack the role of bad bot traffic and the damage it can inflict, while offering guidance to help security teams fight back.

Panelists include CyberRisk Alliance SVP of Content Bill Brenner, Kevin Gosschalk, founder and CEO of Arkose Labs, and a banking-sector CISO whose organization experienced the threat.

The panel will explore:
The current state of bad bots, including their evolution, prevalence, and distribution across various online platforms, and their impact on Internet traffic.
Bot abuse analysis from Arkose Labs' comprehensive Bot Abuse Analysis Report, highlighting notable trends, patterns, and case studies that demonstrate the diverse range of industries affected by bad bot attacks.
Detection and mitigation strategies to detect and mitigate the threat.


Kevin Gosschalk
Founder and CEO
Arkose Labs

Kevin Gosschalk, an Australian, is the visionary Founder and CEO of Arkose Labs. Since launching the cybersecurity company in 2016, he has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge consumer account security and bot management solutions that provide immediate and long-term protection against attacks. The company’s unique approach makes it more costly for adversaries to attack consumers’ online accounts than the profit they can gain, effectively disrupting the digital commerce landscape. Under Kevin’s leadership, Arkose Labs has achieved remarkable growth, raising over $114 million in funding and earning recognition as the No. 142 fastest-growing company in North America on Deloitte’s Fast500 list in 2023. The company now counts some of the world’s leading B2C businesses, like Microsoft, Expedia, Roblox, and OpenAI, among its valued clients. Its workforce spans the globe with operations in Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, India, U.K. and the U.S. A recognized expert in cybersecurity, Kevin is frequently interviewed by major global media outlets.

Bill Brenner
VP, Content Strategy
CyberRisk Alliance

Bill Brenner is VP of Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance — an InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. He was formerly director of research at IANS, senior writer/content strategist at Sophos, senior tech writer for Akamai Technology’s Security Intelligence Research Team (Akamai SIRT), managing editor for and senior writer for

Dave Brockmyer
SVP Chief Information Security Office

Dave Brockmyer is an Information Security professional with 13+ years in Information Technology and 13+ years Information Security experience. He has secured high tech, insurance, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, and now banking environments. His diverse background helps him approach information security problems from multiple perspectives. He is excited to join River City Bank and develop the Information Security Program with the professionals there. Dave spends most of his spare time with his family, going to musicals with his daughter, watching his son play baseball, or (best) going on vacation.


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