Incident Response: Lessons from the front lines of Fortune 500 cyber attacks

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

When Fortune 500 companies suffer a cyberattack resulting in a data breach, they go down hard. “For organizations to recover is like rightsizing the Titanic,” says Nick Essner, head of cyber solutions at CYGNVS. Essner has seen the damage up close, time and again, as an incident response leader for 15 years at companies like Accenture and Mandiant. In this webcast, Essner will share war stories and how the lessons he learned culminated in the creation of the CYGNVS platform.

Discussion will include:

  • How ransomware turned incident response into a board-level priority (a business problem, no longer an IT security problem)
  • The face of the enemy: cyber mules conducting state-sponsored attacks
  • Outcomes from working with law enforcement
  • Four key takeaways every organization needs to prepare for

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Nick Essner
Head of Cyber Solutions

As head of Cyber Solutions at CYGNVS, Nick Essner has over 15 years of incident response and crisis management experience. Having led response investigations and remediation to the largest and most complex cyber attacks – he brings first hand experience and lessons learned when responding to destructive cyber events.At CYGNVS, Nick plays a vital role in accelerating customer value and driving enterprise adoption by developing new solutions to help organizations prepare for a crisis and build resilient response and recovery capabilities.Nick has served in IR leadership roles at leading cybersecurity companies including Accenture Security and Mandiant.

Tom Spring, Editorial Director
Tom Spring
Editorial Director
SC Media

Tom Spring is Editorial Director for SC Media and is based in Boston, MA. For two decades he has worked at national publications in the leadership roles of publisher at Threatpost, executive news editor PCWorld/Macworld and technical editor at CRN. He is a seasoned cybersecurity reporter, editor and storyteller that aims always for truth and clarity.