Archived: Part 1: IT Operations vs. IT Security: Tearing Down Internal Silos by Unifying Endpoint Management

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

Your IT department and security department may both work for the same company, but due to opposing objectives, they don't always act like they’re on the same team. Each unit has its own priorities, and its own set of point solutions for managing endpoints. This can lead to dangerous silos developing within the walls of your organization, resulting in poor asset visibility and a confusing jumble of unreliable security data.

To combat this problem, companies should consider how they can simplify and unify all aspects of endpoint device management – including asset discovery and visibility, client management, risk and compliance management, data monitoring, and threat hunting.

In this webinar, we will…

  • Examine common points of contention where IT and security teams most commonly become misaligned and act in opposition of each other’s interests.
  • Discuss strategies, policies and management philosophies that encourage IT operations and security teams to work together in unison.
  • Reveal how converging endpoint management onto a single platform can eliminate point solutions and tear down silos between teams.

Shawn Surber

Vice President of Solutions Architecture & Strategy


Shawn Surber is Vice President of Solutions Architecture & Strategy at Tanium covering major industries and global accounts. Over his 20+ year career he has worked his way up through the guts of IT, supporting applications, servers, desktops, networks, security, and most importantly, end users. In his work at major healthcare institutions Shawn led efforts to modernize and operationalize IT Security tools, processes, and policies. At Tanium, he has helped a wide variety of customers achieve a better state of cyber hygiene through effective application of principles of good operational and security practices. A passionate builder of teams and products, Shawn has led product management, technical account management, and technical solutions teams and is now responsible for Tanium’s technology strategy team which helps guide customers through their digital transformations.


Jill Aitoro

Senior Vice President of Content Strategy

CyberRisk Alliance

Jill Aitoro is senior vice president of content strategy for CyberRisk Alliance. She has more than 20 years of experience editing and reporting on technology, business and policy. Prior to joining CRA, she worked at Sightline Media as editor of Defense News and executive editor of the Business-to-Government Group. She previously worked at Washington Business Journal and Nextgov, covering federal technology, contracting and policy, as well as CMP Media’s VARBusiness and CRN and Penton Media’s iSeries News.

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