Modern Identity Governance & Administration for Mid-sized Organizations

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

Just because a business is mid-sized doesn’t mean the security risks it encounters are any smaller than those experienced by large enterprises. All organizations, regardless of size, face the same challenges around identity growth and management. A growth that places a greater burden on smaller organizations with limited resources that need to remain agile in how they approach their operations. And a proliferation that complicates implementing zero-trust/least privileged security programs that maintain continuous compliance and minimize third-party risk. 

Mid-sized organizations who find themselves in this predicament can gain a leg up with a strong Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) program. Modern IGA solutions provide a portfolio of capabilities that help organizations manage increasingly complex human and machine identities, even as a business scales. 

This webcast will reveal how solutions such as Saviynt’s modular SaaS-based IGA platform allow companies in varying stages of IAM maturity to build a robust and flexible identity program - without breaking the bank – by implementing modern techniques used for onboarding, provisioning, privileged access management, and much more. 

Throughout our discussion we’ll also reveal how a strong IGA strategy improves productivity, streamlines tasks, and automates workflows in a manner that overcomes seven of the most universal challenges facing mid-sized IAM programs: manual processes, user access reviews, third-party identity management, maintaining compliance, lack of integration between systems, human error, and lack of resources.

Discussion Topics will include:

  1. An overview of today’s identity landscape
  2. The common challenges your peers are looking to solve for
  3. The benefits of modern IGA solutions


Greg Liewer
Sr. Manager

Greg currently serves as a Sr. Manager at Saviynt where he supports the company’s EIC platform, IGA, and Healthcare Identity Cloud solutions. He has 15+ years within information technology, the last 10 focused supporting cybersecurity and digital transformation solutions, including IGA, GRC, and managed security services, risk and governance.

Gabe Biondo
Commercial VP

Gabe currently serves as Commercial Vice President at Saviynt, directing a team dedicated to supporting identity security for small and mid-sized businesses. During his 20 year career he has supported building out customer IT infrastructure and security solutions with companies such as Ping Identity, Insight, SHI, and Dell.

Bill Brenner
Senior Vice President, Audience Content Strategy
CyberRisk Alliance

InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. Senior Vice President of Audience Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance.