Network security in 2024: What has changed in the era of cloud computing, and how to adapt

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

In an era dominated by cloud computing, the landscape of network security is undergoing a paradigm shift, presenting both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Join us for an insightful webcast as we delve into the dynamic realm of network security in the age of cloud computing. We’ll explore the multifaceted aspects of securing networks in the cloud, drawing upon the expertise and innovative solutions presented by Tufin, a leader in the field.

Key discussion points include:

  • Visibility and Compliance: The challenges of maintaining visibility and ensuring compliance in the cloud, and how Tufin's solutions provide comprehensive insights into network activities, facilitating adherence to industry regulations and internal policies.
  • Dynamic access controls: How the traditional concept of a fixed perimeter is evolving in the cloud era. Learn about strategies for securing dynamic and elastic networks that transcend traditional boundaries, and how Tufin's solutions adapt to this fluid landscape.
  • Automation and orchestration: How automation and orchestration play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of network security in cloud environments.

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Erez Tadmor

Director, Product Management


Erez Tadmor holds a two-decade career in the ever-evolving information security field, marked by his diverse background in managing various product portfolios and verticals. His expertise spans Cloud and network security, Automation & Orchestration, IAM, and fraud prevention. He's playing a pivotal role in guiding Fortune 500 enterprises through digital transformations, focusing on security and compliance programs. As Tufin's Network Security Evangelist, he bridges customers and the marketing and product teams, educating stakeholders on network security technologies, cyber security best practices and Tufin's solutions. Erez holds a track record of strong leadership in Product Management, enterprise cybersecurity, and product strategy development, honed through work with startups and multinationals. His core strengths include new product launches, go-to-market strategies, and product lifecycle management.