Ransomware attack lessons, from MOVEit and Doubledrive to MGM/Caesars

On-Demand Webcast|1 hour

In this webcast, we dissect the lessons derived from ransomware attacks involving MOVEit, Doubledrive, and the MGM/Caesars breach—to empower organizations in fortifying their cybersecurity defenses.

The session will commence with an in-depth analysis of the MOVEit ransomware attack, unraveling the tactics employed by threat actors to exploit vulnerabilities in file transfer systems. Drawing parallels, we’ll explore the Doubledrive incident, emphasizing the significance of robust backup strategies and the role they play in mitigating ransomware risks.

The MGM/Caesars breach will be examined as a case study to underscore the evolving sophistication of ransomware tactics, shedding light on the importance of proactive threat intelligence and incident response planning.

Attendees will gain insights into the commonalities among these attacks, enabling them to develop a comprehensive


Paul Asadoorian
Principal Security Evangelist

Paul Asadoorian is currently the Principal Security Evangelist for Eclypsium, focused on firmware and supply chain security awareness. Paul’s passion for firmware security extends back many years to the WRT54G hacking days and reverse engineering firmware on IoT devices for fun. Paul and his long-time podcast co-host Larry Pesce co-authored the book “WRTG54G Ultimate Hacking” in 2007, which fueled the firmware hacking fire even more.

Paul has worked in technology and information security for over 20 years, holding various security and engineering roles in a lottery company, university, ISP, independent penetration tester, and security product companies such as Tenable.
In 2005 Paul founded Security Weekly, a weekly podcast dedicated to hacking and information security. Paul grew Security Weekly into a network of security podcasts spanning multiple topics, such as application security and business. It has been estimated that Paul has conducted over 1,000 interviews with security professionals and hosted more than 1,000 podcast episodes in cybersecurity. In 2020 Security Weekly was acquired by the Cyberrisk Alliance.

Paul is still the host of one of the longest-running security podcasts, Paul’s Security Weekly, he enjoys coding in Python, telling everyone he uses Linux as his daily driver, poking at the supply chain, and reading about UEFI and other firmware-related technical topics.

Bill Brenner
VP, Content Strategy
CyberRisk Alliance

Bill Brenner is VP of Content Strategy at CyberRisk Alliance — an InfoSec content strategist, researcher, director, tech writer, blogger and community builder. He was formerly director of research at IANS, senior writer/content strategist at Sophos, senior tech writer for Akamai Technology’s Security Intelligence Research Team (Akamai SIRT), managing editor for CSOonline.com and senior writer for SearchSecurity.com.

Keegan Keplinger
Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher

Keegan Keplinger leads eSentire’s Threat Intelligence team. With a versatile science and mathematics background, Keegan turns complicated data sets into digestible graphics and written analyses that facilitate evidence-based decision making. Originally raised as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, Keegan left the family business to pursue a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Neurophysics through the University of Alaska. He has since moved to Canada and finalized his education with a PhD in Theoretical Neuroscience and Applied Mathematics through the University of Waterloo.